Programas y Proyectos

El CTC en sinergia con otras instituciones y organismos impulsa diferentes proyectos vinculados al sector TIC.


CLUSTER INCUBA, is the new incubator of technology-based companies of the Cordoba Technology Cluster, created with the purpose of:

- Accompany the creation of companies with high added value based on innovation and technological development.

- Promote networking between companies from different productive sectors, supporting technology-based and innovation projects.

- Offer the entrepreneur, startups and spin offs of partner companies a capital of experience as a Technological Cluster that promotes the development of companies.


Pre-incubation - The idea (6 months)
In this initial phase, it is expected that entrepreneurs transform their ideas into business models.

Incubation (Detailed development of the business plan - 18 months)
We expect in this phase, the four projects selected in the incubation stage to reach:
- Definition and explanation of their products and / or services.
- Technical feasibility and access to the validated market.
- Business model in execution.

Post-incubation and follow-up (12 months)
We hope that the four selected projects, once the incubation stage is over, reach:
-Development of conditions to receive capital contributions.
-Degree of maturity or growth determined by: volume of sales, employability, exportable offer, and other indicators.

The selected projects to be incubated will be chosen based on the following criteria:
-Potential of the technological innovation and / or the business model.
-Commercial scope of the presented solution.
-Profile of the entrepreneur team.
-Strong presentation of ideas.

Digital transformation impulse program

Its aim is to raise the awareness of different industrial sectors about digitization as a pillar of competitiveness in the coming years. It seeks to raise awarness of technological developments in Córdoba, on the importance of researching and innovating in order to develop products and services with higher added value. It is a comprehensive program that includes the linkage between strategic productive sectors. In addition, it is planned to carry out workshops and training based on R & D to find solutions and opportunities to innovate.

ICT Monitor

Statistical Monitor ICT is an instrument for generating sector statistics that provide relevant information on a regular and systematic basis. The project seeks to promote and strengthen the competitiveness of the ICT sector in Córdoba. It is the first instrument of data generation of the ICT sector in Cordoba.

Digital TV

Through research in each of the themes, generate a platform that allows the full development of the Digital TV chain. Government and companies that develop any of the components / applications required.

Innovative Technological Platform for Foreign Trade (PTI- COMEX)

It is a strategic development program for the strengthening and internationalization of ICTs SMEs in the region through an innovative technological platform.

Competency Training Program (PROFOCO)

Designed with the objective of develop resources according to the needs of industry. Formulating a training strategy based on the Competency Management approach.

Airport Business Park (PEA)

A planned community of office buildings that offers the highest quality of working life, getting together businesses, services, technology and nature in one place. With a privileged location on 46 hectares of land, it has large Green zones, business, cultural and sporting services areas. It offers the highest quality in underground telecommunication technology via fiber optics and integral security 24 hours a day.

Preparing Young People to Enter to the New World of Work (Get in 21)

Coordinated by the Agency for Economic Development of the City of Córdoba (ADEC), we provide your company the opportunity to include as trainees, young people trained in computer technology and specialized in the area of ​​their productive sector.


Program of Development of the Agricultural Machinery of High Complexity.
Project for the development of a technological approach program between two activities with high potential of development: Agricultural Machinery / High Complexity New TechnologyIndustry.

Córdoba System Factory

Whose purpose was to offer tics solutions to other markets. Composed of associated companies to the CTC.

Program of productive chains development ATN / ME8112-AR

Management by Competences for the computer sector.